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Entry #1

Animation is coming along!

2007-09-27 20:23:09 by feddog

Ugh your know what pisses me off about animating...WHEN U LOSE UR FUCKEN FILES! AHHHHH!


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2007-10-02 03:39:47

nice dude this looks cool! onequestion though how high is the frame rate?

feddog responds:

28 fps.


2007-10-14 19:55:16

I liked madness virus is the screeny from it.


2007-11-09 00:45:53

your movies are godd, but.. sounds were missused, ak-47 sound for the m-16, and deagle sound forthe glock-thing, and the 2nd track was way too loud, and your melee action was too slow and a little lame (no offense, great shit there) but other than that no other complaints except it wa s hard to follow and the m-16 changed looks in there, andthe guy didn't get hit by point-blank shots, and he was stupid for not grabbing the min-gun.


2008-04-30 12:57:30

coming soon...